Cryptocurrency Market شاهد روبات های تجاری AI توسط Tickeron است

Tickeron is launching new AI robots in the cryptocurrency market

  • Tickeron is launching new AI  robots in the cryptocurrency market
  • Crypto trading is now easy- thanks to bots 
  • AI  is  being used in crypto market predictions 

About Tickeron

Tickeron is an internet-based financial trading tool developed with recent technological advancements like artificial intelligence to predict crypto values. It  analyzes past data to forecast and deliver insights related to trading using various algorithms and data.  This platform is designed to increase the accessibility factor for all the  investors.

 Investors can   predict various breakouts along with the patterns of testing and target prices. Every service from Tickeron is legitimate because it is solely based on previous insights. It provides important trading information about  cryptocurrency. The New AI robot is capable of furnishing information to investors for better crypto trading.

Working of AI robot

In a digitally diverse world, AI robots’ introduction  in the crypto world is a great step to strengthen  the crypto market. The  robots will function on AI engines based on cryptocurrency backtrack records .

در 14th December 2020, it predicted the rally of Bitcoin. In September, AIdvisor forecast  few signals towards the growth of Bitcoin that is up to 82%. The graph of Bitcoin was varying around  84% on the 65Th day, and this change in the volume forms the base of the signals. Amongst 11 such cases in the past day, nine of them proved to trend by increased support on this signal.

The Ethereum rally climbed up from $733 to $1200 between 2nd January to 6 January, AI Trend Prediction Engine already forecasted it. Furthermore, since the 6th of December, 29 bullish predictions forecasted every month with 84% confidence was really   commendable .

Have a look at the comment from Tickeron’s founder and CEO

The founder and CEO of Tickeron Sergey Savastiouk, said that these prediction tools are trading without humans’ intervention in any form. It is a great combination of various trending technologies and tools. It can be a milestone technology holding all kinds of trading information and recommendations for users to make trading easier.

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